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Common Drycleaning FAQ's

What is Dry Cleaning?


A: "Dry Cleaning" is the entire process of cleaning in solvent, spot treating stains and pressing.

Why should I have my clothes Dry Cleaned?


A: Dry Cleaning prolongs the life of clothes by removing dirt and grease, which can damage fabrics if left in too long. Specific to the Dry Cleaning process, the colors in garments are extended beyond the simple laundry process.

Should I tell the cleaner about what caused the stain in my garment?

A: Yes. Knowing the type of stain will determine the best way to remove it.

    Should I bring in stained clothes right away?

    A: Yes, the sooner the better. Some fabrics will stain permanently if left unattended for too long.

    Should I have all matching pieces cleaned at the same time?

    A: Yes. Normal color loss, if any, will be uniform and variations will be minimal.

    Should I store Dry Cleaned clothes in the plastic bag in which they were returned?

    A: No. Always store your Dry Cleaned clothes uncovered or in breathable garment bags. Hot temperatures can create moisture and condensation in the bag that could lead to staining.

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